How VitrX makes its user experience exceptional

Whether it’s desktops, laptops, servers, audiovisual equipment, telecommunication systems or complete networking solutions, VitrX specialises in providing businesses with industry-leading technology and expert support.
Since the company’s inception 11 years ago, customer implementations have been delivered by disparate engineering teams, chosen by VitrX on a project-by-project basis. However, as the company has expanded, and customer requirements have become more complex, VitrX needed a new approach.

Looking for a strategic partner

VitrX was looking for a long-term partner which could provide consistency of service, expert consultancy, and crucial onboarding, helping to provide not only a smooth implementation but making its relationships with customers more ‘sticky’: turning one-off projects into valuable long-term partnerships.

Importantly, the VitrX team wanted to deliver a laser focus on user experience. On-site engineers and consultants needed to help users get the most out of their technology – ensuring widespread adoption and ultimately maximising a customers’ technology investment.

Delivering a consultative approach

AzteQ was selected following a competitive pitch, which saw VitrX consider a range of technology services providers. With a unique line-up of engineers, project managers and customer experience experts, AzteQ promised to deliver smooth implementation and comprehensive ongoing support for VitrX customers. Important too was AzteQ’s ability to engage users onsite – through a holistic, friendly approach to technology, which cuts the jargon and makes technology accessible and easy for everyone.

Particularly important was AzteQ’s consultative approach – which focuses first on a discovery phase, designed to establish an organisation’s goals and ambitions, with the end-user firmly at the centre of the process. Using this approach, AzteQ promised to engage with VitrX customers from as early as its pre-sales discussions, helping the team deliver the most appropriate, compelling, response – and open up sales opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be apparent.

By deploying AzteQ engineers on-premises, VitrX has been able to better understand its customers’ most pressing challenges, working closely with technical teams and board-level executives alike. Crucially, they’ve been able to free up IT resources, help manage vendor relationships, and provide smooth and easy project management.

A long-term success story

Warren Nelson, Relationship Director at Vitrx comments: ‘Our partnership with AzteQ helps us to keep in-house costs low, agility high and services tailored towards our clients’ current and ongoing needs.’

Over the last two years, AzteQ has become a trusted partner for VitrX, or as Warren puts it: “a real extension of the VitrX team.” “They’re able to help us build customer loyalty and see ongoing commercial opportunities to extend our relationship,” he says.

To illustrate the partnership’s success, Warren cites a project for a multinational medical company, which, in response to the Covid pandemic, needed to update its collaboration software, upgrading virtual meeting room functionality.

“Importantly, AzteQ has helped us develop not just an immediate solution but a comprehensive five-year plan for the company. Thanks to our ability to provide ongoing training and support, using the AzteQ team, we’re now a fundamental part of their tech-fuelled business growth strategy.”

Warren continues: ‘We’ve seen an explosion of need for hardware and digital services in the last eighteen months, as the world quickly pivoted online in response to the immediate and long-term repercussions of Covid. AzteQ has and will continue to be, a crucial part of responding to that need and helping drive our ongoing growth and success. The future is bright for our partnership.”