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Supporting SEND schools & students with ICT during the pandemic

(Part 1 of a series of informative blogs) As we enter lockdown 3 with most students and teachers now in a home learning environment (with exceptions of key workers etc.), the requirement to provide a robust home remote learning platform for students is key. As the Government Guidelines state: “Your school or college will make appropriate arrangements for you to be able to continue your education at home.” This is similar for pupils with SEND, where the government guidance states: “Schools should work collaboratively with families, putting in place reasonable adjustments [...]

By |January 13, 2021|Education, SEND|

The role of ICT in improving learning outcomes

As well as delivering teaching resources at greater speed, with more ease, ICT also improves long-term learning outcomes. When students use ICT resources, they are not just completing tasks and crossing off curriculum checklists, they are gaining transferrable digital skills that can be used not only in further education, but in the future professional careers they pursue. How does ICT set up students for a better future? ICT bolsters the curriculum and can be specifically tailored to a range of difficulties or learning impairments. Physical texts and notebooks are limiting because [...]

By |January 8, 2021|Education|

How can ICT enhance student engagement?

Pupils with SEN (Special Educational Needs), disabilities or other challenges require a specialised support system to effectively manage and overcome the barriers to learning caused by their condition or circumstances.  Information and communication technologies (ICT) have been recognised as key technologies that can enrich and enhance learning experiences by providing students with access to a greater range of educational activities, games and tools. Enhancing student engagement ICT systems and the software within them can provide the benefit of gamification. Students will interact in an activity or game and can be rewarded [...]

By |January 7, 2021|Education|

The five-step guide to getting the most out of your ICT solution

Schools that embark on an ICT solution journey usually fall into two categories. There are those that have an ICT system already in place, with a basic network and some devices. There are others that might be a brand-new school with no network or devices whatsoever and want to start from scratch. Both scenarios will need a step-by-step plan, starting with an information gathering session before any implementation can take place. The plan should include: 1) Information gathering in a ‘discovery session’ In the first step, the digital enablement company works [...]

By |January 5, 2021|Education|

The increasing role of ICT in special education – a closer look into the integral role ICT plays within an SEN environment

ICT infrastructure is the physical and technical components of a school network. This includes everything from cabling, switches and routers to the management systems that run behind the scenes. It also feeds into every moving part of pedagogy, the method and practice of teaching, as it is what enables communication, feedback, and assessment in a learning environment. Poor infrastructure will have a negative impact on teaching staff and their lessons, so investing in an ICT strategy is crucial. What software, hardware, and digital tools are being implemented? When creating an ICT [...]

By |January 4, 2021|Education|
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